Ouyang Feng sat in the room.

Ouyang Ke is a little upset.
"Uncle, I think Huangdao Lord doesn’t like me a little," Ouyang Ke said. "Do you think he will promise to marry Huang Rong to me?"
Ouyang Ke is a bad guy, but he really likes Huang Rong.
Today, if it weren’t for uncle’s sudden interruption, Huang Yaoshi might have agreed to do Huang Rong to marry Guo Jing.
Ouyang Feng said, "What are you afraid of? Isn’t it the most critical moment yet? Son, my meeting will let you compete with Guo Jing. If you win Guo Jing and Huang Laoxie, there is no reason to marry your daughter to Guo Jing, the idiot. "
Hong Qigong practiced in the main room.
This time, Hong Qigong’s dragon palm is more collected and more simple than before, and its palm strength is even better.
Former Hong Qigong thought Jiuyin Zhenjing wanted to get this martial arts Juexue, and he woke up after talking to Chen Yan.
He’s the leader of the Beggars’ Sect, and it’s enough to run wild when he has practiced the two unique skills of the Beggars’ Sect.
A thorough study of distracting thoughts
It is the most ideal state of practicing.
Practicing in this state can get twice the result with half the effort and make martial arts progress thousands of miles every day.
The next afternoon.
Huang Yaoshi gave three questions to test Guo Jing and Ouyang Ke.
Arihiko shook his head and said, "Huangdao is the main problem? I think it’s better to forget it. You choose a son-in-law instead of an apprentice in Peach Blossom Island. Guo Jing, a little character, is calm and wise, but he is not good at words. He is pregnant with the true religion and the Beggars’ Sect, and his achievements in martial arts are limitless in the future. More importantly, Guo Jing is sincere to Huang Rong. "
Ouyang Feng eyes flashed cold mountain sneer at a way "Mr. Chen said what do you mean? Isn’t it true that my son is not sincere about Huang Rong? The main question of Huangdao is to let Guo Jing and son compete fairly. Mr. Chen’s obstruction is that he has no confidence in Guo Jing. Hum, thanks to Mr. Chen, Guo Jing has been praised to the sky. "
Ouyang Ke can’t plan Jiuyin Zhenjing without marrying Huang Rong and Ouyang Feng.
Ulrich repeatedly to bad things make Ouyang Feng heart very angry.
Doing not angry a face said quietly, "Mr. Ouyang said you’re welcome. Guo Jing is indeed younger than Ouyang Gong. First of all, Guo Jing is younger than Ouyang Gong, but his martial arts is already equal to Ouyang Gong, saying that Guo Jing martial arts talent Ouyang Gong"
"Second, Guo Jing is single-minded about Huang Rong. Ouyang Gong is pale and his eyes are scattered. If I am not mistaken, this is a sign of lack of yang. That is to say, it is not a wise choice for Ouyang Gong to become a son-in-law in Huangdao, too much sex."
Ouyang Feng drink a "doing you this poor pedant is full of hu said the old must give you a profound lesson".
Ouyang Fengling’s snake staff attacked Chen Yangong with roaring gas.
Be merciless
Answered with a smile, "Mr Ouyang, you are angry from embarrassment and want to kill people. You are so overbearing that you don’t let people tell the truth."
Elwynn stretched out his palm and the air around him seemed to become sticky.
The snake staff hit the palm of Chen Yan’s hand without hurting Chen Yan.
Ouyang Feng shocked. "What? You know martial arts! "
Chen Yan said, "Mr. Ouyang, I never said I couldn’t do martial arts."
Chapter 166 Walk on the waves
The snake stick stabbed him with great strength. Ouyang Feng has nearly 60% of the strength. He can easily take Yan Yan even if Huang Yaoshi and Hong Qigong intervene in him.
But things surprised Ouyang Feng.
Huang Yaoshi and Hong Qigong are not only interested in going to the theatre without any intervention, but also easily blocked their snake sticks.
Hong Qigong laughed. "You’re used to bullying the old poison, and you’re afraid that when Wang Zhongyang was old, but Wang Zhongyang died, you knew that no one in the whole Wulin could control you. You bullied others, but you actually overreached Mr. Chen. You didn’t have any eyesight."
Huang Yaoshi said, "Ouyang Xiong, you are no match for Mr. Chen, so stop."
Now that you have made moves, how can Ouyang Feng stop easily?
If you stop, he will lose all his Ouyang Feng noodles.
I’ve only achieved six successes myself.
Ouyang Feng felt that he might not be able to win Elgin with his efforts.
Will David chan be as good as Wang Zhongyang in those days?
Ouyang Fengling’s snake staff stabbed Chen Yan again, and the attack was twice as fierce as the last one.
"Since Mr. Ouyang wants to play, I’ll play with you," said Chen Yan. "But let’s go outside if we don’t display it indoors. I also want to see a martial arts school in Baituo Mountain Villa."
Elwynn tiptoe gently ground body flew out of the window.
This flying posture is very smooth, just like flowing water, as if there were no fireworks.
Ouyang Feng shouted "Want to escape?"
Ouyang Feng went outside through a big hole in the wall directly.
Ouyang Feng shout at top of voice a spirit snake staff once again stormed to lyricist.
The spirit snake staff technique is definitely feminine in martial arts.
Ouyang Feng, the snake staff, seems to be full of spirituality in his hands, attacking the enemy like a python.
Compared with the beggar’s beating dog stick method, the snake stick method is not bad at all.
Poke and sweep
The magic snake staff method not only attacks the whole body of Chen Yan continuously, but Chen Yan’s posture is too high and mysterious. Every time, he can avoid attacking by a mile. Ouyang Feng hit Chen Yan and left the ghosting.
Ouyang Feng’s speed is always half a beat slower than Yan Yan’s.