Like being suddenly opened new ideas while the three of them in the room, she quickly offered an idea of "Ye Ge will be anything delicious? Cake? Pizza? What is not beautiful at this time, do it and try it, open a shop and sell it! "

Qiye smiled and shook his head. "Your idea is feasible. I’ll give you the party and you can open it."
"Then I’ll give you a share," Tao Zhuoma said. "Let’s split it 50-50."
"Isn’t that me?"
"You can’t say for sure who is exposed to the light. Besides, whoever we are with is almost ok, right?"
Tao Yiqing looked at the two men holding each other and talking excitedly. It seemed that the horse could be opened and he shook his head.
He is more concerned that the major event of political affairs is that he has limited information about one of the main events. "I heard that the water bandits in southern Fujian are serious, but I don’t know if they can get better now?"
Seeing that they are talking about Tao Zhuo, they have little interest in drawing earrings with a pen. The shopkeeper said that she wants crochet and other things, and she is almost ready. She is working on a sample these days.
After eating lunch and sitting and talking for a while, Qiye asked Tao Zhuo when he entered the palace.
Tao Zhuo promised to make underpants for the Empress. Although it was ready, she didn’t go to the palace when she had something to do. Now she has something to do with uncle slag. She always has to watch it almost later and then go to the palace. "About two or three days, it’s almost the same for big uncles."
Qi Yema went white and said a few words, and then left Bo Fu.
After seeing him off, Tao Zhuo and Tao Yiqing went to Tao Yiqing’s back house. Naturally, they were looking for Shaw Tao Zhuo, and they shared this first-hand news with Tao Baoqiong and Webster’s Feng with excitement.
In fact, it was supposed to inform Wei Shi to go to Songhetang to tell them that Tao Yiqing was Tao Yiqing, but let Tao Zhuo share the happy event.
Her watching makes Tao Yiqing’s mouth develop more and more. When they get to the fork in the road, they also told her to "go back to sleep first" and know that she has the habit of taking a nap in the afternoon.
"I guess it’s the same if I can’t sleep." Tao Zhuoyang waved his hand. "I’m leaving my big brother."
Looking at her bouncing figure, Tao Yiqing shook his head and strode to Songhe Hall.
It’s bad news for Tao Guangqi, but it’s a surprise for Shaw people.
After all, it is not a long-term solution for Tao Guangqi to live in that house all the time, and there is also a very difficult thing to say. Tao Yize is happy to find out these things now.
Except Tao Guangqi’s three men.
Shaw didn’t wake up in Songhetang, but he didn’t have much spirit to smell speech. He seemed to be a few years younger. "Is that so?" That’s really … "Great!
She holds Tao Yiqing’s hand and pats the way, "Green boys, maybe God doesn’t like the fact that the mother is always a disaster. Let’s call us to find out."
"Grandma" Tao Yiqing paused. "You don’t blame burning and naughty, do you?"
He didn’t hide the news, after all, he didn’t have the ability to find out these old things, but if you think about it carefully, you will know that at first, your little sister found something strange with a lively attitude and asked the king of Jin to find it out.
After all, grandma is also a father and mother.
"You this child I like that ungrateful people?" Shaw with a chuckle stereo "besides, you also said that the burning little children are naughty. What’s the matter? The main thing is that it is too time to be naughty! "
Grandma, who has always been strict, can say such a thing, which shows that she is happy about it.
Tao Yiqing laughed. "Grandma said yes." But is little sister really a child?
Both the grandparents and grandchildren laughed at each other’s glances.
Then Shaw stopped laughing. "Don’t worry, young man, even if your father goes back to Bofu in the future, this title is still yours. He can’t give you a grandfather’s support, or let him live in Zhuang and have a good heart. Right, you can’t just let him go back to the house, or let him live in Zhuang and I’ll send someone to look after him!"
The more I think about Shaw, the more I feel that I can’t let Chang go back to Bofu directly, and it is bound to teach him a lesson.
Tao Yiqing, however, is worried that "grandma’s father will be hit too hard and decadent after this?"
His words made Shaw look away from the emptiness. "If he really can’t bear the blow of depression and decadence, he asked for it. Let’s talk about it when the time comes, no matter if it must be completely solved."
Shaw looked back and said, "Young man, please copy these letters again and wait for us to take this copy and give it to your father to have a good look at it and leave it with you." This evidence is naturally to leave a copy.
"Good" Tao Yiqing nodded and waited for Wen Mammy to get pen and ink and began to copy.
Sister Shao Zewen whispered that joy could not be hidden in her voice.
Ranging from Tao Yiqing’s side to finish copying Wechsler and others, they also came to Songhe Hall together.
Knowing such a great event, it is only natural that Weishi should hurry to her mother-in-law’s side, followed by a small tail, Tao Zhuo, and she also took Tao Baoqiong with her. Feng also came over, but she also sent someone to inform Tao Yulang that Xiao Zhang also came to Songhetang.
Everyone can’t hide their smiles without looking at their faces.
When Shaw saw the little girl wearing a colorful skirt, her eyebrow-eye smile became more and more intense. When people came near, they took her around and watched a circle. "If we don’t have a round house, this is a blessed child."
Among the girls, she befriends Princess Fu ‘an, and she can also make the King of Jin Temple treat her as a sister, and eat at the same table as the queen of the palace. This honor has never been seen by her old man at the beginning.
Thanks to her, Shaw felt that this little granddaughter of his own had been specially blessed by God.
Although Tao Zhuo is thinner than before, the word round is still suitable for her.
She smiled and touched her face. "Grandma will be blessed even if I lose weight and get round."
Without the blessing, can so many people love and spoil her?
Tao Zhuo has always been blessed by himself.
"If you are kind, you will be blessed." Shaw also stretched out his hand and touched her little face with a gentle smile in his eyes. "We have always been kind and good children. Sister Joan also felt young when she saw your sisters and grandmothers."
This is also the truth. Earlier, when there were many girls, she was also partial to Tao Zhuo. Now there are more than 345 unmarried girls. As they get older, Tao Zhuo and Tao Baoqiong are more sensible and polite, which naturally makes Shaw’s preference.
Like flowers and bones, little girls and old women like it.
"Grandmother is also the best grandmother." Tao Zhuo’s small mouth is like putting honey on it when she is deceiving people.
Shaw was so coaxed by his little granddaughter that he wouldn’t give up his arm, so he talked to Wei’s family. "You know everything, let them go to that house when the second and third children come back."
"It’s the mother," Webster replied. "The daughter-in-law is impatient to see that the mother has bothered her second brother and third brother."
In fact, Du Xi Niang has done such a deception. In the past ten years, she has been eating and drinking and turned over to the government for a crime of fraud and forgery. She can’t run away, but she can’t afford to lose that person in Ningbo House.
"Then can I follow?" Tao Zhuo felt it was a pity to miss the scene.
Shaw looked down at her. "What are you going to do?"
TaoBaoQiong and weishi gherardini to look at her this girl is to watch the scene of bustle!
Feng also looked at the girl with a clear face.