Or is it because this person hasn’t practiced kung fu?

However, Ji Xinghe turned to rule out the latter two questions. Prisoners who have committed capital crimes have stronger willpower than normal people, otherwise they would not dare to commit such a heavy law.
The kungfu body is an auxiliary means, and the empire has hardly developed Dan Jin and Gang Jin orangutans, and even the strength is rare.
This is from the information of Kazeman, and it has become vigorous, but it stops there. It also says that some orangutans are very young when they receive gifts, and they have never practiced the imperial martial arts.
And the first question …
Ji Xinghe once again put his hand on the prisoner’s shoulder to encourage and affirm his eyes, and then inflated again.
He recognized the analysis and judgment of Dr. Essen, that the gas force must be direct and important with the spiritual will, and the spiritual will is in harmony with the emotion.
The prisoner’s body is dissipating gas, and the speed of dissipation has suddenly slowed down a lot because it has been replenished.
It’s like a famous philosophical question. What should I do if I want a drop of water to never dry up? The answer is that this drop of water is put into the sea.
In fact, the sea has been evaporating water. Will that drop of water really not evaporate?
And the sea will dry up one day.
It is said that this question and answer are full of philosophical meaning, just like qi and gift. For Ji Xinghe, it is not a scientific question, but more like a philosophical question.
What seems to be said seems to be nothing. It seems very reasonable, but it doesn’t make sense. If it doesn’t make sense, you can find some truth from it.
It is another completion of gas transmission in the order of Kazeman.
The mental state and physical state of prisoners have reached a state of extreme anger, which can be described in five words-flammable and explosive.
But when Ji Xinghe’s hand pulled away again, his gas dissipated quickly again, faster than before.
The general escape was clearly perceived by Ji Xinghe. Ten minutes later, Ji Xinghe explored again and found that the prisoner’s body gas dissipated.
it’s a pity
Ji Xinghe sighed with a wave.
The moon and the stars picked up the prisoner a few steps ago and took him out.
half an hour later
Xingyue came in with another prisoner, and at the same time Xingyue sounded in the headphones of Xinghe.
"His gene has not changed after testing and has been disposed of."
Ji Xinghe didn’t ask how Xingyue handled it, and he didn’t worry about Xingyue taking the opportunity to cheat him. He believed Xingyue was also worthy of Thaksin.
When the second prisoner was brought in, he looked at Ji Xinghe dumbfounded for the first time.
Like the first prisoner, he also knew Ji Xinghe. I can’t believe that Ji Xinghe, a great man in the story, will appear in front of him. This kind of occasion will appear.
So Ji Xinghe asked softly again, "Do you want to be a mecha like me?"
Next to the moon and the moon, I once again lamented that there was no tenderness in full means.
Second gas experiment
When Ji Xinghe returned to the youth training team camp, he showed a real gentle smile to Ji Rong Xinyue who had been waiting for a day and a night.
The bystander Xingyue felt a little bit of means from it.
"It’s going well, Xinxin. Don’t worry. It won’t be long before Grandpa can cure you."
"Grandpa is amazing."
Ji Rong Xin jumped into Ji Xinghe’s arms and took a bite at Ji Xinghe’s face.
She really wants to ride the Milky Way.
After returning to the blue star, Ji Xinghe stayed with her almost every day except when she slept and rested.
Sometimes when Ji Xinghe goes to school to teach students majoring in mecha, he will also take Ji Rongxinyue and take the opportunity to make Ji Rongxinyue play against those college students in the second generation of virtual worlds.
This is not a game.
Longzhou Star Military University Longzhou is the best military school. In this respect, these college students make the training equipment completely consistent with the mecha in the army.
Ji Rong Xinyue is satisfied with this life because he can’t kill orangutans.
When Ji Xinghe left her for the first time after a year and a half, she had a long-lost feeling of missing.
After a few words, Ye and Sun talked for a day and two nights, Ji Xinghe went to normal teaching and training life on Monday.
This makes Ji Rongxinyue very distressed.
She thought that if she could practice her strength, wouldn’t grandpa be so tired?
Compared with relying more on mecha warfare, mecha soldiers rely more on weapons such as guns. Elite soldiers Ji Rong Xinyue have a higher degree of thirst for gas, which is second only to the former Ji Xinghe.