She also thought that if someone came to ask, she didn’t expect these people to come so soon.

Even Fang Zhou smiled and mumbled, half hidden and half vomited, and kept the mud still. Two days ago, she and Lian Ze and Jane went to Shuangliu County.
They exchanged glances with each other, and then secretly realized that these cotton should be the main species of the Su family in Shuangliu County!
With this in mind, everyone is relieved.
That makes sense! Otherwise, even where there is such a big fangzhou?
Daughters-in-law aunts are satisfied with leaving and go back to tell their families that they have new ideas.
Since the Su family is involved in this matter, it should be feasible, right? Do you plant some at home?
There are many people who have this idea, but there are very few who actually do it. Even those few have asked for two kilograms or three kilograms and sold them.
After all, this big cotton guy has never seen it, let alone planted it. Who knows what it will be like? If the field is ruined, it will be a year’s livelihood.
No one will take the risk until there is a better choice!
So almost everyone chose to sell their share to Lianfangzhou.
However, everyone is staring at this matter, waiting for the cotton harvest to see clearly. If there is a first year, it will definitely be another scene.
Even Fangzhou came to plan to go to Lizhengjia after dinner, and now it’s being disturbed by everyone. Just go to Lizhengjia and ask about the situation these two days.
Zhang Lizheng brought them to show her the handprint album and laughed. "At first, everyone didn’t believe it, but later I knew it was true and almost all of them were sold!" It’s about 1,000 kilograms, and maybe I can collect some in the day. It should be about 1,500 kilograms in total! "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and thanked him and said that he would come the day after tomorrow to transport all the seeds, and asked if he had given enough money yesterday.
Yesterday, as soon as she came back from the fork in the road, she sent money to Zhang Lizheng’s home again.
Zhang Lizheng smiled and said that she had enough gossip and let her go.
I couldn’t confirm it before, even Fangzhou couldn’t say exactly how many kinds I needed, but now I can decide on it.
She plans to plant about 3,000 to 4,000 seedlings on an acre of land. Naturally, she has to raise seedlings first. In this way, an acre of land needs about two and a half kilograms. After raising seedlings, she has to choose the strong ones, which will naturally be lost in transplanting.
Jia Liujia is talking about that more than 1,500 mu is about 2,000 mu in total, so the kind needed is about 7,000 kg.
However, even Fangzhou is not in a hurry. Since the villagers in Dafang Village are unwilling to plant and buy from other villages, it is not difficult! She’s going to ask Liu Jiabang for help in this matter. Now she just has to keep an eye on the reclamation!
This is a root. It’s no use if you don’t tidy up the land.
Even Fang Zhou walked home while wondering about her thoughts. When she got home, the three aunts had cooked the food and the family sat around for dinner.
At the dinner table, it is necessary to discuss a few words, all of which are asked by three aunts, and even Fang Zhou and Lian Ze answered. Even Fang Zhou knew that three aunts had a big mouth and refused to elaborate on the vague past.
Listen to the third aunt also feel no meaning and no longer ask.
After dinner, three aunts cleared the table and said, "I think you all have to stop and go to bed early!" I’ll do these jobs! "
Lian Fangzhou smiled and promised that he hadn’t drawn water yet. Lian Li and Qiao Shi came.
Seeing the two of them, except Jane’s pale face, the whole family didn’t look very good.
Even Fang Qing secretly stared at Joe’s eyes. Joe actually sold her sister. Of course, she was annoyed that she didn’t scold her. It was a good self-restraint
"This one has no rules, no big or little! Seeing that we are here, we don’t even say hello or even let a seat! " Joe’s saw that their siblings and three aunts were silent, so he couldn’t help shouting.
The third aunt was the first one who couldn’t help but say "Yo". "Where did this come from?"! People like you deserve to talk about rules and size? Just say it. Who do you want to sell this time? "
Even Ze, Lian Che and Lian Fangqing stared at Joe’s hostile Jane’s eyes and even Fang Zhou’s face sank.
Joe’s face was suddenly flushed when he was exposed face to face by his three aunts. Even Ze’s eyes and Fang Zhou’s face made her feel like a needle in her back.
Joe’s angry from embarrassment was about to rely on a few words to cough up a "line! Don’t worry about the rotten sesame seeds! You give me a break and don’t make trouble! "
Lian Li said unhurriedly and sat down to say, "Fangzhou, we have something to ask you."
Joe’s snorted and sat beside Lian Li with a sullen face and dribbling eyes.
Even fangzhou saw that lianli acted like an elder, which was very obvious. The day before yesterday, he said in Lizheng that people didn’t take it seriously and didn’t intend to take it seriously!
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help but be glad how wise he insisted on leaving evidence in black and white at that time!
It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t take it seriously, but she hasn’t forgotten it.
Countdown 15 Chapter 15 Ask ()
"Big Uncle has something to say," Lian Fangzhou said politely and distantly.
Lian Li was obviously unhappy with her lukewarm attitude, but at this time he ignored it and said, "I heard that you asked Li Zheng to help buy a lot of cotton seeds?" What are you doing? "
Joe’s couldn’t help interrupting and adding, "Where did you get so much money?"
Even Fang Zhou smiled and she guessed that they would definitely ask about it, but she didn’t expect that they would come directly to ask so bluntly!
I really don’t think of myself as an outsider!
"Uncle and aunt won’t forget that we set up a written evidence in front of Lizheng and the village elders two days ago, right?" Even fangzhou unhurried asked
Lian Li snorted "written evidence is written evidence, but we can’t watch you do stupid things!" Otherwise, how can I get by in my heart! "
Lian Ze couldn’t help saying, "It turns out that no matter what we do, we will have a hard time. I don’t know how things went when I sold my sister!"
Lian Li stared at Lian Ze as if to blame him, and even Ze looked at him without weakness.
This matter is their own indefensible defeat to added, "your aunt said yes, where did you get such a large sum of silver?" Don’t be cheated, right? You are a confused child! "
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "Uncle and aunt don’t worry about whether I have been cheated! I can’t help you if I have a hard time! You don’t take that writing seriously, but we dare not! What do we do with big uncles and aunts? Big uncles and aunts don’t care, don’t ask! "
"It’s really ungrateful!" Joe pointed out, "We ask you kindly, but you don’t appreciate it!"
Lian Fangzhou sneered, "It’s a great favor for my aunt to think that Fangzhou is lucky and unlucky and can’t afford to ask her to be generous and think less about me!"
"I don’t know good people!" Joe’s grunted, "You didn’t steal that silver!"
"Not with you" even Fang Zhou’s flat sentence was turned back to block Joe’s straight fire, but he dared not do anything else except stare harder at Fang Zhou.
Even Fang Zhou is not easy to annoy. She has learned that her knee hurts after kneeling for a day and a night.
Even Li’s face became ugly. He didn’t expect Fang Zhou to be so ignorant that he didn’t even listen to his elders!
"Even with the written evidence, we are not a family? You are not my nieces and nephews? I wouldn’t be your uncle? This is not small money. What if something happens in the future? Don’t look for me yet! " Even with a straight face, he added, "I just want to ask what’s going on. You just have to make it clear! I didn’t say I wanted to be greedy for your money! "
Even Fang Zhou sneered at this beautifully! So if she doesn’t tell the truth honestly, it’s that she doesn’t know good or bad!
She didn’t say a word about them calculating her money, but they said almost every word, and no one believed them if they said that they were not drooling in their hearts and died.
Even fangzhou service road "big uncle rest assured that we won’t bring trouble to you! If something really happens in the future and someone wants to hold you responsible, just take out the written evidence! With that written evidence, no one can involve you with us! Even when it comes to the government, it doesn’t matter! "
Lian Li said, "That being said, it’s true that if I do that one day, the villagers can’t poke my spine off!"
Can this be understood in reverse? She even has silver in Fangzhou now, but she doesn’t give it to them as uncles and aunts. Some villagers will poke their spines off?
It doesn’t make sense!
They have never taken care of half of them, but they have a vicious heart to sell her. Everyone in the village knows these things! How can such elders deserve their respect?