After dawn, everyone drank chicken soup and set off again. The colorful glass pavilion has been put away, and everyone feels refreshed. Even Mann is a happy face.

It’s raining again, and it’s actually the sun and rain, and the glow in the east sky is brilliant and inexplicable, and the mood seems to be rendered by that glow.
This time, it was Shi Shuangcheng who sheltered everyone from the drizzle. Instead of offering the Tencel, she took out the spring rain branches and played with her fingers and fingers.
Shi Shuangcheng is a special guest tutor at the headquarters of Yangyuan Division. According to the latest policy formulated by Huazhenxing, the five-level Yangyuan Division certified instructors can learn a magic weapon with reference to the leader of the Eastern Family Practice Clan.
In the Eastern Kingdom, there are rules for my brother to start his career after breaking through the four realms, which means that my brother has become a formal monk with an imperial weapon and a movable magic weapon. If conditions permit, the elder or the clan will give him an inheritor.
According to the regulations of the headquarters of Yangyuan Division, a slightly different Yangyuan Division must obtain a five-level certificate to receive a collection of artifacts. Now, although there are 167 magic weapons left over from Dingfengtan in those days, including spring branches, it is expected that the scale of Yangyuan Valley’s four-level Yangyuan Division will far exceed this figure.
Moreover, although the theory of the four-level Yuan-nourishing tutor has the ability of bending the instrument, the basics have not learned any magical skills, and they need to be retrained and made up for the shortcomings. They need to be good at breaking through the five-level level before they can receive a public instrument according to the situation.
This instrument is not for private use, but for collection or distribution. It is temporarily given to the five-level teacher of nourishing Yuan, so that all or special circumstances belonging to the headquarters of nourishing Yuan Division will be recovered.
Since there is this policy, Shi Shuangcheng also chose an instrument, which is the symbolic spring rain branch. This time, the number of magic weapons sent is the largest, and she has no intention of taking this spring rain branch back to the East. It is a temporary study in her hand, and she will keep Yuangu when she returns home.
Looking at holding the spring rain branches and stones in pairs, look at the smiling Manman. Even Guangdaochang’s footsteps are somewhat cheerful. Hua Zhenxing can’t help but feel a little trance, but he can’t help secretly being surprised.
It’s not these people who make Hua Zhen nervous. These people are in a normal state. It’s just that he seems to have some problems in his own mood. If he didn’t cross the desert with Shi Shuangcheng on foot, he might not realize it.
Shi Shuangcheng is not the princess who came here in those days.
With the title of royal princess and noble, Katia took the title of housekeeper and servant, and several foundations hung up their titles, using their own names and other people’s money to brush charity fame.
Princess Cortia went hunting and entertainment, and the local gangsters wanted her. Shire was a barefoot scout bodyguard in the camp. She was so excited that she couldn’t sleep well for months with a little gesture.
Shi Shuangcheng, a monk, came all the way with Wan Li to send things to raise the chance in Yuangu. It was not hard for her to cross the desert on foot in the rainy season, but it was very natural. Otherwise, what would practice be?
Mr. Feng asked her to meet people’s sufferings. It is a word of "seeing" instead of letting her fall into misery. Dong Guo, who is ten years old, is still a child and a naive and lively girl.
What hope is there in this world if even she is in a bitter and arduous mood? Then it won’t be Shi Shuangcheng’s problem. I’m afraid those elders in her East Country will be ashamed.
What is the purpose of Hua Zhen and others to build a new alliance and promote the art of nourishing Yuan? Don’t you just want the world to be really full of sunshine, so that everyone can live happily and every girl can have a chance to think like a stone?
Of course, this doesn’t mean that they all think of Mei as their father.
On the contrary, Hua Zhen was too immersed in some kind of emotion. He was an idealist and always had an urgent sense of mission. There was nothing wrong with this, but as he thought more and more things, he was unconsciously depressed with some kind of anxiety.
Although his feet are muddy and slippery, his mood should be broader because his ideal is to bring sunshine to the world.
Yang Lao-tou woke up some time ago when he went to Hua Zhen. At that time, he understood the reality, but he didn’t finish understanding it. At this moment, he gradually came back to the taste. The three old people’s cultivation guidance for him didn’t make him a sober sufferer, otherwise he would lose his true meaning of self-cultivation and detachment.
Does Shi Shuang prejudice the real country? Of course, I have seen more exotic things coming to Banda from the port of Somalia, and they are rapidly disappearing, but the girl has never raised any previous questions.
I want to see that before the new alliance appeared, the port of Somalia either crossed back to the past or went to Wago, which has not been liberated. This is the purpose of Hua Zhen’s trip to take her south today.
But did they go to Wago just to witness the evil and chaos of the visitors? Those are not the objects of appreciation. Normal people can’t avoid it.
They already have the answer along the way, that is, Hua Zhen subconsciously wants to tell Shi Shuangcheng the answer, and I am afraid that Mr. Feng wants Shi Shuangcheng to finally witness the world.
Banda city today is Wago city day; Today, the port of Somalia is Banda, and the world is coming back to life, and people see the sunshine of hope.
Life and hope come. Before the new alliance appears, people here will live in purgatory. This is a difficult world!
The mystery of nature, people’s sufferings, and the hardships of the world are Mr. Feng’s witness to Shi Shuangcheng. So what witness gains can Shi Shuangcheng have for his trip to Hua Zhen?
Thought of here, Hua Zhen trip also showed a smile and became a little naughty. I took out a mass of things from my backpack and looked like it was wrapped into a ball of bamboo sticks and thrown into the exhibition to hover in the sunshine and drizzle.
Shi Shuangcheng said with surprise, "I wanted to create this fun, but it didn’t come … Can I borrow it for a while?"
Hua Zhen introduced the bamboo magpie to Shi Shuangcheng, and paid attention to actively offering the hidden lotus leaves. Shi Shuangcheng put away the spring rain branches and took the bamboo magpie, and soon figured out the general idea of flying the bamboo magpie to show his vision and observe this big desert from another angle.
I’m having a good time. Shi Shuangcheng suddenly exclaimed, "God, there are so many skeletons over there!"
Guangye changed color. "There are many bones in front."
About a kilometer away from them, the rainy season water washed several sand dunes, and many bones were exposed on the surface, all of which were human remains. Everyone rushed near to explore the gods and there were many bones buried in the sand.
Chapter 33, Tearing Fragments
As wide as a whirlwind, I turned around and came back with a dignified look. "There are at least 3,000 bodies within two kilometers of Fiona Fang, many of which are children’s bones. Was there a massacre here?"
On the way, they found some human remains buried in the sand. Considering that this place is not a peaceful place, wars happen from time to time and the desert is a dangerous area, it is not too unexpected that there are victims.
However, it is obviously abnormal for a place to appear in so many remains. Shi Shuangcheng turned a little pale and said, "Can you be sure when you die?"
Wide "about fifteen to sixteen years ago"
Hua Zhen trip "I know what’s going on. These are the refugees of the year …"
Sixteen years ago, the great riot swept across the border for several miles. It was an external force that provoked vendettas. Many places were littered with corpses. Many people in Wago city in the south tried to cross the desert and take refuge in Banda city in the north. In Banda, there are also many refugees who cross the Banwei River with the same mind and want to escape through the desert to Wago City.
Someone should have reached their destination, and many people will never get out of the desert.
The most tragic time should be when the refugees from the north and the south meet in the middle of the desert. They all flee to the other side, but they learn from the people they meet head-on that the other side is also hell.
Although it was a dry season at that time, most of the refugees did not have any means of transportation, and it was impossible to carry enough food and water across the desert. Desperate people gathered in the middle of the desert, and I am afraid it would also lead to competition for raw materials. Hua Zhen and others took this road just through the gathering place of refugees in the desert 16 years ago …
After listening to Hua Zhenxing’s speculation, look at the scattered sand dunes. Shui Bo is full of bones. All the people were silent for a while. The drizzle stopped. Shi Shuangcheng also put away the bamboo magpies. They quickly passed through this area in silence.
After a long time, the sand gradually turned into rubble and suddenly asked, "Hua Zhen trip, what do you think happened to that riot?"
What’s with the riots? Hua Zhenxing has a memory that riots have been going on in several miles, big and small. Almost every day, people die in various accidents in the port of Somalia where he lives. If it is a major vicious public security case in Dongguo, there are almost no police officers here to enforce the law.
Even so, the riot that swept across the country 16 years ago still makes all those who experienced it feel palpitation. At that time, Hua Zhen was just born, and many things were told by people.
Guinea did not become independent until the 1960s. Originally, it was a geographical concept. After the colonial independence of several western powers, Guinea ushered in a golden period of development.
At that time, many aspects of prosperity were superficial. In order to adopt local resources and consolidate the influence of the international camp, the former sovereign power group set up some enterprises and fostered a group of local forces to achieve better control of investment in politics, economy and culture. However, at that time, Guinea did usher in a rare period of rapid development
The situation changed from the end of the 1900 s to the beginning of the 1990 s. This seemingly prosperous development has stagnated, while the control of plunder has become more and more serious. In recent years, more and more people in China have realized how this country has been squeezed and exploited.
The call for developing national industries, realizing economic and political autonomy, and getting rid of new forms of colonial control is getting higher and higher. In view of this situation, the former suzerain’s means of gathering forces is to pry cracks in a few miles
If China’s society tears apart different groups and falls into a state of rest, then we will struggle again.
How to tear society apart? The most common and common practice is to design a set of templates and then look for conflicts. If you can’t find them, you can also make them yourself. Put preset labels on both sides of the conflict to represent a certain group, and then expand the contradictions and conflicts to two groups in multiple directions, so as to straighten out the social tear.
For example, Zhang San and Li Si discussed the normal cognitive handling of conflicts, which is the first thing for them to distinguish between right and wrong. The wrongdoer should be punished and educated, and the victim should be compensated and comforted.